‘Time traveller’ from 4040 reveals aliens LIVING on Earth and apocalyptic war

A SELF-PROCLAIMED time traveller from 4040 has described aliens fleeing to Earth from a devastated planet and an apocalyptic war with machines.

The unidentified man, from Siberia, recounted his ordeal in disturbing footage.

He claims to have worked at a physics faculty and created a time machine with another scientist.

The pair apparently developed a formula and he volunteered to test their device.

He said he was met with ruined cities and blackened skies after travelling into the distant future.

The man said: “I began walking along the ruins as it was very dangerous to stay in once place.

“There were dead aliens, I really couldn’t imagine that they would exist. To see them on my own planet was unreal.”

He described how the extraterrestrials supposedly came to Earth before humans embarked on an all-out war.

He added: “In 2458 people connected with another galaxy, they couldn’t imagine there was another planet and more life.

“Their population was only 200,000 and the average lifetime was 400-450 years.”

The alien planet was five times smaller than Earth and had just experienced a destructive conflict.

Its inhabitants moved to earth in 2460 and apparently brought great innovations with them.

The man added: “They had a great knowledge, after they came medicine changed and developed a lot.

“There wasn’t any illness that could not be cured in minutes, people could live to 200 years because of injections.”

“When they met people first they communicated with gestures and after some years they all could speak English.”

The man claims mankind later developed an artificial intelligence in 3213 that outsmarted humans and tried to take over the planet.

He added: “It was decided to create a huge computer which would rule all robots and would be connected to all people’s electronics.

“It was situated in the Pacific Ocean and occupied half the territory of Europe.”

The machine later turned on humanity and severed their connection with electronics, he claims.

By the time he arrived in 4040, a robot army had laid waste to Earth and killed nearly half the population.

He added: “AI is the danger of this century, the danger of humanity. I want you to know that this danger can corrupt us and destroy all of us.”

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