Legendary Actor Dean Stockwell: ‘Donald Trump Is A Man That Is Trying To… We Have To Show Some…’

Let’s be honest, Hollywood reminds us of something disgusting when it comes to their opinions on Donald Trump.
Ever since his inauguration, they started protesting against Trump’s administration.

There are some that just went too far with offending him, his entire family and every Republican supporter that voted in favour of Donald Trump.

However it’s not that black as it seems. Lately, a few old Hollywood legends came up with a huge statements about Trump’s perfect leadership.

Few days ago, Dean Stockwell, a Hollywood legend from the golden age, during an interview when asked about the leadership of America, offered some common sense:

“I think the people are being to cruel when it comes to Donald Trump,” he started.

“I was following his campaign, and his initial year as president of the United States. All I see is a man that is trying to work for the good of his country.”

“We have to show some respect to a man that loves his country more than anything,” he added.

Wise words sir. It seems like the older generation knows the true values of this nation… What is your opinion about this statement? Do you agree with this man? Please comment below and share this article with your friends!

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